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The Put Down


It all started in 1998, when Cameron Bedell (CEO and Lead Engineer) got himself a small Wal-Mart style DJ set up that plugged into his Windows computer.  Beats were made, songs were created and the journey began.  From that point on, Bedell began to take interest in the structure and anatomy of recording technologies.  He started out by teaching himself as much as he could, and then used tutorials and books to help when it became all too confusing.  By the time Cameron was in high school, He had a small set up in his basement;  There he would record his friends, his family or anybody who needed songs put down.  College was where the whole process got tricky.  Bedell moved from Apartment to Apartment through-out the next 5 years and during that process he slowly added new pieces and rid the old ones.  Now, landing himself in Nashville, TN Cameron Bedell has finally reached a point of satisfaction.  This place is sure to have everything you need to get all your recording needs taken care of; Cameron has many talented colleagues that are in and out of this place and a wide variety of templates, sounds and instruments for all your creation needs.  Its the one and only.  The Put Down

The Studio

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The Tools

Snippets from "The Put Down Studio"

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