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It’s a beautiful thing when a musician and singer/songwriter enters a community of like-minded individuals and embarks on a musical journey. This type of journey is something cherished and understood by those pursuing what they are most passionate about. Cameron Bedell, David DeVaul, Bobby Brinker, and Nick Wayne are all on such a journey. Not only have they embarked on a journey for themselves, honing their various musical influences and talents, but also they’ve each chosen to join together for a larger journey. This group of talented musicians and singer/songwriters, better known as Project 48, decided to come together for a songwriting experiment. It was decided that they would lock themselves in a house for 48hrs and have 6 songs written and tracked, from complete scratch, by the final midnight hour. These four took their individuals sounds, their musical influences, their individuals styles, and blended these all into each of the 6 songs created. Not only did they grow as individuals over the course of these 48hrs, they grew as musical peers. Through this project it can be said that a bond of brotherhood through music was formed. This is a magic that not everyone can understand, but through these songs everyone can be sure to feel it. The overall goal was simple: prove to themselves and to those unbelieving that they are capable of writing multiple styles of music including pop, soul, R&B, blues, country, acoustic and many others, not only when “the moment hits”, but when it’s called upon. If there’s a need for something specific at a certain time, these guys are able to deliver with the highest quality of creativity and professionalism. Keep in mind that this is not about money and it never has been for them. Music is a calling, a pursuit of passion, a form of communication that’s universally understood. This is larger than us all. As only the first installment of the 48hr project, there will be many pathways that this will open up for them as a group and as individual musicians. This is what creativity, songwriting, and community is all about. This is the beginning. Join them on the journey.
— Brian O'Shea

Four Guys...One Room...48 hours

    On Friday March, 8th 2014 Cameron Bedell, David DeVaul, Bobby Brinker, and Nickolas Wayne locked themselves in an apartment studio for 48 hours; what came next was unexplainable. 

    #Project48 is the end result of their weekend journey.  The 4 musicians put themselves in tight quarters  for 48 hours and began to write and record 6 songs all from scratch (no outside songs were brought in).  They were not allowed to leave the premises during the given timespan.  TV and Cell use was "mostly" prohibited and no more than 10 total hours of sleep was permitted.  The first track they wrote together was "Brother" a culmination of their journey together as musicians.  The songs speaks of being brothers and always having each others back,  "..just call for my help, you don't have to walk all by yourself".  The next day they were able to knock out three more:  "Bad Chick", a funky modern day R&B track with nothing but nonsense.  "Summer Nights", the heart-felt summer tune that takes you back to that night when "she" was all you ever needed.  And "Just A Kid", the story of where the fellas came from, each one giving their own condensed version of their background.  On the night of day 1 around 3:00am, they started a tune called "Gypsy Soul", a story for the traveling musician.  On Day 2, the guys wrapped up their last song with a Jam to get you up and moving.  "Stick It To The Man", a track tailored for the gimmick we call "The Entertainment Business".  The guys spent the weekend making the music they wanted, and not what anybody ask or told them to do; that's where the inspiration for the song came from.  Lets not forget the album was being recorded at the same time as all of that, with a little bit of mixing they were ready for release.  The album is on iTunes for purchase March 18th, 2014.  Snippets of each song will be released Friday, March 14th for preview before the drop date!  Please support these guys in their musical journey and go get yourself a copy.  You won't be disappointed.  Guaranteed. 

Who Are The FOUR guys...

Cameron Bedell

Cameron Bedell is a Pop/Soul Singer, Writer and Producer.  Born in Missouri and Raised in Kansas.  Now a smooth Nashvillian.  Bedell's music can be compared to acts such as:  David Ryan Harris, Jason Mraz, and Stevie Wonder.  His music has inspiring lyrics and moving progressions.  Something about the stuff he writes has the ability to sort of throw ya back in to the good ol' days.  If you haven't had the chance to check out his music and story please take some time to check this site!

David DeVaul

David DeVaul (David Smith) is a Pop/Soul Singer and Songwriter.  Born and Raised on the agricultural farming lands of Iowa.  Now a Nashvillian.  DeVaul's music can be compared to acts such as: Amos Lee, John Legend and Colin Haye.  His melodies have the ability to get you moving no matter what mood your in, and his lyrics have a way of speaking all of their own.  If you haven't had the chance to check out his music and story please take some time to check out his links below!

Bobby Brinker


Bobby "Tribarius" Brinker is Pop/Soul Singer and Songwriter.  Born and Raised in the hills on Missouri and now a Nashvillian.  Bobby's music can be compared to acts such as:  Josh Kelley, Dave Matthews Band and Hall & Oats.  His guitar playing abilities will literally melt your face right off.  His voice is unlike anything you heard before, tone...tone..tone...incredible.  If you haven't had the chance to check out his music and story please take some time to check out his links below!

Nickolas Wayne


Nickolas Wayne is Soul/Blues Singer and Songwriter.  Born and Raised on the sweet streets of the Music City Tennessee.  Nick's music can be compared to acts such as:  John Mayer, James Morrison, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.  His guitar chops are simply incredible.  Most guitar players have trouble with "Tone", but not this cat.  Wayne has a way of making it all look so easy.  If you haven't had the chance to check out his music and story please take some time to check out his links below!

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